For over 20 years now, Annette Himstedt has delighted her collectors not only with unique porcelain dolls but also with beautiful hard-vinyl dolls, and since 2002 they are all in a limited quantity. Even after the closure of the manufacturing premises, the collectors' market for these unique dolls is still very much alive and the Himstedt Kinder enjoy a whole host of internationally based collectors.
Brand new Himstedt Kinder are a rarity and can only be seldom found. Nearly all of the Himstedt dolls, which are now somewhere on sale, originate from so-called second-hand entrepreneurs.

If you purchase these dolls second-hand or from collectors please notice from whom you are actually buying. Please ensure that the Himstedt doll that you saw on a photograph is really the doll that you are actually buying.

Furthermore, please remember that dolls that have been in use over many years may just have the normal signs of wear and tear! Even a stand for the doll that was wrongly attached can leave unsightly marks. Anyone on the lookout for a good bargain must reckon with faults and may certainly now and again be very disappointed.

Truly perfect Himstedt Kinder have their price!

Should your Himstedt doll require repair, please contact in all confidentiality the Hedi Allgeier Himstedt repair service. You will find that your dear doll will be in the best of hands and be restored to former glory, both painted and with the appropriate finish. Hedi Allgeier also possesses the original spare parts from the former manufacturing company for your specific Himstedt doll.

Hedis Puppenstube
Hedwig Allgeier
Kapellenstr. 32
D - 76474 Au am Rhein
Tel. ++49 (0)7245 - 6546
Fax: ++49 (0)7245 - 86911

Please do not under any terms send your doll to this address without first having given prior announcement, rather discuss repair details, date and approximate ensuing costs with Mrs. Allgeier in advance.

We set great store in being able to provide Himstedt dolls in perfect quality, which can also mean a lot of time and sometimes a lot of repair work.

As far as our shop is concerned... we continue to update it from time to time. However, we do request that you have a little patience and understanding for the fact that we cannot be constantly displaying new items for the very reason that often the Himstedt dolls simply find a new home via the waiting list or mail requests.

At the moment we are concentrating on the Himstedt dolls as of 2002. These were manufactured in Germany and have been in limited production as regards quantity. Himstedt dolls originating from previous years cannot be traced at the present, even though at some time in the future we shall be updating our website and include them as well

    24th June 2010
Galerie Young Classics